Saturday, 11 May 2013

Change Blog settings... anyone can comment

I didn't realise that it was set to only allow other Bloggers to comment...

Changed so Anonymous can comment as much as he likes...  ("capture" still on to prevent shit spam)

...and no.. I don't censor... I'll just call you a fucktard if I don't agree with you...



    It appears MM is biased against higher win rate players.

  2. Source material for above claims. Patent info that has surfaced due to law suit.,425,330&hl=en&sa=X&ei=OIaMUeWBAuLIigK32ICYDw&sqi=2&pjf=1&ved=0CDQQ6AEwAA

  3. Not that i wish to defend WG, but thats full of the word "may"...

    Whether its working like that now, or they were just filing the patent to cover all aspects for future use, such as selling to or suing others for the use of the MM... who knows....

    And Vodka Vik wouldnt tell us anyway...

  4. It's the best evidence we have for how MM works. We have to assume it's correct given the absence of "official information. It would also explain the required skill leaps to maintain certain win rates. For example the NA topic suggest that more skill might be required at 50%, 55% and 60+. This jives with my personal experience and topics I've seen posted on our forums relating to win rate.

    Of course the average and poor win rate players are not effected by MM.

    So far all the evidence seems to suggest the patents are in use.

  5. The poor win rate players would be helped.

  6. May is a legal word used in most patents. It is highly likely this IS how it works. It's only information we have. So we need to assume it's accurate.

  7. Yeah, I know how "may" is used... I was just pointing out that patents are usually written to cover every single aspect of a design, even if its not used... saved for future...

    Considering how shit a lot of the programming on this game is...

    (this sort of shit probably came from Viks background, if he is a nuke nut, he will know probabilities, formulae and algorithms quite well... so long as he hasn't caned the voddy too much..)

    We've "known" for ages about the first 10 games in a new tank shit, they said about it a year or so back, but only "unofficial".. now its "official"... the rest does "sort of fit" with personal experience and others mutterings on the forums..