Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Drongo Labs being naughty with your PC???

Malware Bytes blocking them constantly...???

What you up to you commie twats? 

Log results:-
2013/09/24 17:02:55 +0100    IP-BLOCK    ...............  (Type: outgoing, Port: 59023, Process: chrome.exe)
2013/09/24 17:02:55 +0100    IP-BLOCK   
...............  (Type: outgoing, Port: 59024, Process: chrome.exe)
2013/09/24 17:11:51 +0100    IP-BLOCK   
...............  (Type: outgoing, Port: 59150, Process: chrome.exe)
2013/09/24 17:11:51 +0100    IP-BLOCK   
...............  (Type: outgoing, Port: 59152, Process: chrome.exe)

Lag.. lag.. laggy bands..


New patch... loads of shit... loads of Player/Community made fixes..

However... this cannot be fixed by the players...

Ping goes all over the fooking place...
Traceroutes shows errors.. NOT at player ISP end...
PingPlotter shows errors.. NOT at player ISP end...

WG's response..?? 
  • Have you rebooted windows? 
  • Have you bought a new router?
  • You need to upgrade your graphics card
  • You need to upgrade your PC
  •  How Terrible™...

Friday, 20 September 2013

Eurostar... (yes, nothing to do with games...)

Had to laugh and post this one..

"The details on your ticket are correct, although the train might be early, late, or it might not exist...."

A collaboration between British Rail and the French at its finest!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Wargaming with its usual timeliness...

Wargaming up to their usual standards I see!!!!!!
Email Received today, 18th Sept

But, but but.....
8.8 Patch was rolled out on the 12th....

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Recommended reading....

 Yes, you read that correctly....I've gone all serious for once... don't worry, I'm sure it won't last long...

Robert Kee - A Crowd Is Not Company.

"Journalist and broadcaster Robert Kee was an RAF bomber pilot in the Second World War. His plane was shot down over Nazi-occupied Holland, he was captured and spent three years and three months in a German POW camp.

From the beginning he was intent on escape. After several false starts he finally made it.

First published in 1947 as a novel, but now revealed to be an autobiography, A CROWD IS NOT COMPANY recounts Kee's experiences as a prisoner of war and describes in compelling detail his desperate journey across Poland - a journey that meant running the gauntlet of Nazism."
A good account of life as an RAF PoW.

It must be remembered that, as an RAF Pilot, he was an Officer, and therefore a prisoner "belonging" to the Luftwaffe, not the German Army.

This highlights, quite well, some of the "comradeship" of fellow soldiers as opposed to the enmity of "Tommies and Krauts", the kind of kinship that the general public on both sides wouldn't necessarily understand or condone.

Look for the steak episode...

(there will be more recommended books coming along, some classics on the subject, some little known..)

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Map winrates, (from vbaddict again)

Full list for statsmonkeys....

(Sorted by Winrate for Team 1. Looking at this and other stats on maps, Team 2 is Red...)

Cliff, according to this, is the most balanced map... but then you can almost tell that just by looking at the map overview photo anyway...

Overall Winrates of  49.9% for Team 1 and 48.1% for Team 2.
Team 1 is OP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!         NERF TEAM  1 !!!!!!

(Note : There are some errors on this list, primarily from the original source data not having equal number of battles for each side, therefore 101%...)

World of Tanks "Heatmaps"...

Just came across this nugget of information....., (the ones who bring you stats monkeys your WoT Performance Analyser..) have produced  "heatmaps" of all/most of the maps in WoT...

By "heatmap", they mean the routes most travelled..

"The Heatmaps are showing the most frequent movements of tanks for all Maps. Each Heatmap results of the analysis of 500 randomly selected replays from August 2013. Heatmaps for other game types like encounter/assault and for movements of specific tank types are currently in preperation."

Here's an example of a couple...

El Halluf
Showing quite distinctly the target zone of a lot of the red scouts
and the heavies all going off to Slugger Hill.
Have a look at H0... wonder how many wet pussies that is?
(I mean artillery in-case you don't realise...)

"Get the HILL!!! Win hill, win game!!"" Well... this shows that mentality, if not the end results...
It also shows who definately owns the island.

Some maps, such as El Halluf, definately encourage camping as a winning tactic (I think).

The amount of times I've been on Red side, we all camp, and we win is ridiculous.

It would be interesting to compare these with the standard winrates of each side for these maps, to see if there is any real correlation... next post might be on that....

BTW.. All the maps, graphics etc belong to

Heatmaps are on this page.

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Selling of WOT accounts and stuff, Part 3...

Da beat goes on!!!

Another well known player account selling website.. PlayerAuctions

2 pages of accounts, 43 in total, ranging from $35.00 to a whopping $2,000!!!

So.. what do you get for your 2 grand then...

quite a lot is the answer... but..??

I'll just highlight 3 of the accounts details..

$2,000 worth...
$1,500 worth...

and a very special offer for those who paid over 500 euros for a Type 59 card...
....$291 gets you this account on the EU server

Here's a quick comparison of the value...
(The red numbers are the actual prices, blue are rough currency conversions)

To the numpties on eBay.. have paid roughly 2.5 times the value, nevermind all the extras this account would give you...

The playerbase of WoT ............

Monday, 2 September 2013

Selling of WoT accounts and stuff, Part 2

 Its not only the Boxheads who are at it either...

In Order... (Ignoring the Invite code...).. in their own words...
  • £100 - Tier X: IS-7, T-62A, Object 268, Bat-Ch√Ętillon 25 t, AMX 50B and Obj 261 (selled but unlocked). Lowe (tier VIII, money maker).
    600k experience ready to free. Account efficiency is +-1350 and win rate 52%. 
  • £120 - "all what u need to know is on screen" .. lol.. yes.. and we can work out who you are in seconds...
  • £145 - IS-4, IS-7, Hellcat, Chrihill V Premium ,jagdtiger 8.8 Premium, M4 Sherman, kv-2, SU-100, there is 19 slots in garage in total and over 3 weeks premium left on account, also barracks capacity is 32, all tanks have 3 equipments installed there is about 850k silver on account, i will also include the gold to change the nick name, there is about 140k experience to be converted so perhaps you wanna buy the tier x JGPZE100 (ps this is property of war gaming its not mine to sell but i am selling the time and money i have spent on this account also it comes with its own email address.    details will be given once payment is cleared.)
  •  £200 - Clan Wars ready account with 10+ tier 10 vehicles .You get the account details plus the associated email account details. In addition the account has many tech trees up to tier 8-9 and more than 1.3M experience for convertion, a few gold (about 2k) and 2.5M credits. You can get almost every other tank in the game by XP convertion. E-100,,Maus, IS-7, IS-4, T110E3, T110E4, T110E5, BatChat, M48A1 Patton, Object 261, Premium KV-5, TOG and smaller tiers

Selling of WoT accounts and stuff.... Part 1

I was going to post something like this ages ago, then couldn't be arsed... but with the shit going on from Gamescom I thought I'd have a go...

Prices on eBay for the Type 59 bonus cards (+2500 Gold & 7 Days Premium) are as follows
  • 530 Euro (45 bids) SOLD
  • 536 Euro (41 bids) SOLD
  • 400 Euro (20 bids) (This guy even sold a Trade ticket to Gamescom for 78 Euro)
  • 371 Euro (13 bids)
  • 302 Euro (14 bids)

Here's the Gamescom stuff on FleaBay...
(Hope Imgur Slideshow works....)