Monday, 2 September 2013

Selling of WoT accounts and stuff, Part 2

 Its not only the Boxheads who are at it either...

In Order... (Ignoring the Invite code...).. in their own words...
  • £100 - Tier X: IS-7, T-62A, Object 268, Bat-Châtillon 25 t, AMX 50B and Obj 261 (selled but unlocked). Lowe (tier VIII, money maker).
    600k experience ready to free. Account efficiency is +-1350 and win rate 52%. 
  • £120 - "all what u need to know is on screen" .. lol.. yes.. and we can work out who you are in seconds...
  • £145 - IS-4, IS-7, Hellcat, Chrihill V Premium ,jagdtiger 8.8 Premium, M4 Sherman, kv-2, SU-100, there is 19 slots in garage in total and over 3 weeks premium left on account, also barracks capacity is 32, all tanks have 3 equipments installed there is about 850k silver on account, i will also include the gold to change the nick name, there is about 140k experience to be converted so perhaps you wanna buy the tier x JGPZE100 (ps this is property of war gaming its not mine to sell but i am selling the time and money i have spent on this account also it comes with its own email address.    details will be given once payment is cleared.)
  •  £200 - Clan Wars ready account with 10+ tier 10 vehicles .You get the account details plus the associated email account details. In addition the account has many tech trees up to tier 8-9 and more than 1.3M experience for convertion, a few gold (about 2k) and 2.5M credits. You can get almost every other tank in the game by XP convertion. E-100,,Maus, IS-7, IS-4, T110E3, T110E4, T110E5, BatChat, M48A1 Patton, Object 261, Premium KV-5, TOG and smaller tiers

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