Wednesday, 4 September 2013

World of Tanks "Heatmaps"...

Just came across this nugget of information....., (the ones who bring you stats monkeys your WoT Performance Analyser..) have produced  "heatmaps" of all/most of the maps in WoT...

By "heatmap", they mean the routes most travelled..

"The Heatmaps are showing the most frequent movements of tanks for all Maps. Each Heatmap results of the analysis of 500 randomly selected replays from August 2013. Heatmaps for other game types like encounter/assault and for movements of specific tank types are currently in preperation."

Here's an example of a couple...

El Halluf
Showing quite distinctly the target zone of a lot of the red scouts
and the heavies all going off to Slugger Hill.
Have a look at H0... wonder how many wet pussies that is?
(I mean artillery in-case you don't realise...)

"Get the HILL!!! Win hill, win game!!"" Well... this shows that mentality, if not the end results...
It also shows who definately owns the island.

Some maps, such as El Halluf, definately encourage camping as a winning tactic (I think).

The amount of times I've been on Red side, we all camp, and we win is ridiculous.

It would be interesting to compare these with the standard winrates of each side for these maps, to see if there is any real correlation... next post might be on that....

BTW.. All the maps, graphics etc belong to

Heatmaps are on this page.


  1. you seem to be as much a stat monkey by finding all this out

  2. No..

    I'm really boring, I like finding stuff out even when it means fuck all...

    Actually.. especially when it means fuck all...

    Hmmm..??? Is my logic flawed there?