Friday, 11 October 2013

War Thunder tanks - Game play video

I'm not really a fan of players Youtube channels per se,
but they can quite often bring up some good information... thanks to The Mighty Jingles (Bohemian Eagle)...

(...and some streaming thingy at a games event...)

WoT...???    Oh dear.. 
Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear...

Found another video


  1. Oh yeah!!!!!!!!

    Cant wait for this... then WG can go sink into a vat of vodka...

  2. Jesus Fuck, you're late to the party Trollin'... this video has been out for almost a week now

    1. "Uploaded 9th October".... not really a week is it??

      ..48 hours???

      And besides... I haven't been around for a few days..

      btw.. all hairdressers cars.. buy a S2000 or MR2 Turbo (for sports) or Alfa Spyder (for pose) if you want anything like that..

  3. he`s always a bit slow with his blog normaly cut and paste from a other blog