Wednesday, 16 October 2013

World Of Hack - The Warpack Mod....

This doesn't seem to get too much mention on the real forums (I wonder why..)

As far as I am aware.. most of those individual "enhancements" are banned, well, sort of...

...but since WG are completely shit at communicating anything of any use whatsoever...

We have been told, repeatedly, that anything that gives an unfair advantage is deemed illegal.... but without a list of "definitives"...

Apparently Warpack insist that you must have a Premium Account for this modpack to work...

"vested interest"..??


  1. wargaying dont give a fuck as they know there now on borrowed time because war thunder is going to royally fuck them over

    1. And what makes you think that your beloved WarThunder won't have hacks?

    2. Nothing..

      ...and WT is not my "beloved".. I fucking hate the stupid upgrade shit they changed to.. but the Devs actually listen to people and apologise for any errors, rather than trolling the shit out of them with "how terrible"... and they have many different testing "arrangements" to let the public get involved.... of which I have been in 2 so far... whereas WG think its "Evil EU"..

      And btw.. I'm talking about WoT... any WT hacks will be talked about in another post if/when they appear.. so stfu... munter

    3. I was talking to the anon above me, not you

    4. oops!!


      ..but still.. I also think WG will suffer quite badly when WT tanks come out... WG don't do themselves any favours with their "player communications"..

  2. at the moment war thunder treat you like a customer and not a cash cow there to be milked